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DIY Will Danger

Over half the adults in the UK do not have a Will, 10% say that they are put off doing so by the cost. Many thousands of those who already have a Will have resorted to preparing a "DIY Will" to save money. But how much are they really saving in the long-run?

Why you shouldn't prepare your Will yourself...

"An error in your Will could render it null and void"

With on-line forms being available for as little as £10, it is no great surprise that many have taken this route. But be warned 'Cutting corners' by using a DIY Will service could cause even more problems for those left behind than not having one at all.

The average consumer simply doesn't have the knowledge or ability to prepare legal documents themselves, even for what appears to be the most straightforward estate.

In the worst case scenario, an error in your Will could render it null and void, meaning that you would, in effect, die without a Will. Thus despite your "having a Will", the state would get to dispense your estate according to the Laws of Intestacy and not necessarily in the manner you would have wished.


Even if the Will is not invalid, errors could lead to its being contested, resulting in lengthy and costly legal battles that eat into your estate and as a result, the inheritance bequeathed to your loved ones.

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Rob Collison, Owner

"The good news is that there is a better option that lies between the two extremes of high solicitors fees and "bargain Wills".  We offer a 5-star Estate Planning Service that can be conducted in the comfort of your own home. An initial consultation with us need take no more than an hour, after which we can prepare your Will in accordance with your wishes before presenting it to you for signing and witnessing."

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