Funeral Planning

Sparing Your Family the Emotional and Financial Burden of Organising your Funeral

Pre-planning your funeral means that you get to pay for the funeral you want at today's prices, regardless of any price increase by the time you die.

Pre-planning your own funeral may seem a little morbid, but it does spare your family the additional heartache and decisions associated with organising your funeral at a time when they will be struggling to cope.


Funeral costs have continued to rise, year upon year. A funeral that would have cost you £3,897 last year would cost you £4,773 in 2021 and in 2022, would cost you £4,944.

You may ask yourself why not just save toward your funeral. Unfortunately the increase in funeral costs is far outstripping the rate of inflation. Two decades ago the average funeral would have set you back £820. If you had invested that sum in a Building Society account, it would have grown to £1272.02 by the start of this decade.


The same funeral however would have set you back £2,857 by that point. So by saving towards the payment of your funeral rather than setting up a pre-paid plan, you'd have had a shortfall of £1,584.98 - a shortfall that your family would have had to meet.


The good news is that we can offer a range of different funeral plan providers to suit whatever your taste and budget. Each funeral plan can be tailored to suit particular preferences, and added to at any time.


We can also offer a range of flexible payment terms.


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