Do you want your loved ones to be taken care of?

 Why it is important to make a will... 


Do you want your loved ones to be properly taken care of after your death?


If you die without a valid will - "intestate" is the legal term - then your loved ones may not receive the inheritance you would like them to.


In such a case, the Laws of Intestacy will apply and the State will decide who gets what, regardless of your wishes or of any promises you made while you were alive.


It is not always correct to assume that everything will go to your partner or spouse or that your children will receive the share you believe they will. It is all dependent upon the assets you leave behind, and the legal standing of your relationships.


The way to guarantee that your loved ones receive the share of your estate that you want them to, is to have a fully legal and valid will prepared. That way you can make the decisions about what happens to your assets without leaving it in the hands of the State.


Remember, if you die without a will in place:-


The Intestacy Rules will apply.


  • If you and your partner are not legally married or in a civil partnership, they could end up with nothing. They may even lose the home that you shared.


  • Children from previous relationships could receive nothing.


  • If your partner remarries, your children could receive nothing.


  • The legal processes of probate and administration of the estate will take much longer - possibly even years - and will be much more expensive - the cost of which will come from your estate, reducing your loved ones inheritance.


  • You will have no control over who will inherit what.


But, the good news is that it is very easy to have a will prepared and to protect your estate. An initial consultation with us need take no more than an hour, after which we can prepare the will in accordance with your wishes before presenting it to you for signing and witnessing.

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