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Probate can be a very complex process, and unfortunately those named as Executors are not necessarily up to the task of handling the entire Estate Administration without assistance.


Winding up a person's estate after they have died is not something to be undertaken lightly or without some experience. Here at Newlife Wills, we can assist you in the administration of the deceased's estate.


Putting affairs in order after a loved one's death can be a daunting task, accounting for all property, assets and investments as well as all debts and liabilities, addressing the matter of inheritance tax, the guardianship of children (or even animals) and distribution of bequests to all named beneficiaries.

It is not something any individual should try to tackle alone - but don't worry, we're here to help!

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Rob Collison, Owner

"The good news is that we can offer whatever level of assistance is needed to help you put the affairs of the deceased in order, whether that be a complete Probate and Administration service or simply providing advice and assistance on completion of forms or on specific aspects of the administration."



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