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What Should I Include In My Will?

Making a Will? As Will Writers, we know all the ins and outs when it comes to drafting a professional Last Will and Testament...

What should I include in a will?
Will Writing experts in Margate

When you decide to go ahead and protect your loved ones future by putting a Will in place, it's difficult to know where to start. Here at Newlife Wills we like to make the Will Writing process as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Here's a brief guide to what you should include when writing your Will, such as Funeral wishes, making provisions for your children and what you'd like to leave and to whom...

Tip #1 - Name your Executor

First things first, you'll want to name an Executor. An Executor is the person responsible for overseeing the distribution of your assets in accordance with your wishes, so you'll want to choose someone neutral who you can trust.

You should consider choosing someone who is most likely to survive you and work within the best interests of your beneficiaries. This can be someone close to you (friend/relative) or you may prefer to pick a professional such as a solicitor or a bank?

The role of Executor is a big responsibility for the person chosen and includes many duties, so you'll need to consider choosing someone who you feel is up to the job.

Tip #2 - Funeral Wishes

Writing your Will gives you the opportunity to lay out any funeral wishes you may have. Whether it's a cremation or burial, what music or flowers you'd like, plus much more.

If you do make Funeral wishes known in your Will, it's a good idea to mention this to loved ones as family members may start planning the funeral before the Will has been read.

"At Newlife Wills we pride ourselves on our 5-star customer service - we will support you throughout the Will Writing process which can be daunting to some." – Rob Collison, CEO & Founder of Newlife Wills.

Tip #3 - Make it personal

Feel free to include personal details and examples. The more relatable you or your website is, the more you connect with your readers.

Tip #4 - Name Legal Guardians for your children.

If your children are under the age of 18, then you can set out care provisions for them within your Will. You can name legal guardians for them in the event of your (and your partners') death. We strongly advise speaking with the chosen guardians before naming them in your Will - taking on Legal Guardianship for someone's children is a huge responsibility so you need to make sure they are willing and able to undertake this if the event was ever to arise.

Tip #5 - Including your Money / Assets

Here at Newlife Wills, we find the main reason our clients decide to make a Will, is to be clear about who should inherit their money and assets after they die. To do this efficiently, you will not only need to consider what you own now, but what assets you may also have at the time of your death.

Your 'Estate' is the collective term for everything you own. This includes any property that you own in your sole name as well as your car, your savings and your personal possessions. It also includes things such as life insurance policies, pension schemes, stocks, shares and premium bonds.

If you own a property jointly with another person as joint tenants, then your share would automatically pass to them on your death, so you cannot include this in your Will. If you own a property jointly with someone else as tenants in common, then your share of the property can be included in your Will. For more information on how it works - please get in touch with one of our experts on 01843 269165.

Get in touch for all your Will Writing & Estate Planning needs, we're here to support you.

Writing your Will can be a daunting process for many, but it needn't be. Here at Newlife Wills, we find our clients experience a great sense of relief and peace of mind after writing their Will with us and making their wishes known.

For more expert advice, get in touch with us on 01843 269165 or email on

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