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Want to know how to save money on
Care Fees?

Many of us work hard over the years to ensure we can have our own home to live in, to be comfortable in our retirement, and to leave behind a legacy for those we love.​
However there is a little-appreciated threat to this in the form of long-term care fees.

What's the best way to pay for Care Home Fees
without selling your home?

A quarter of us can expect to require long-term care in our later lives. Such care doesn’t come free – or even cheap, the services of the average care home run to £800 per week and under certain circumstances, the liability to pay for your care will fall fully upon you, even if it means having to sell your family home to do so.


Smart financial planning now could save you much sorrow later on, as you protect your home, your savings and your investments, as well as your family’s inheritance, with the correct use of Wills and trusts.

In order to avoid losing your home, the best move is to change the way your property is owned. 

By changing the ownership to Tenants in Common, you and your partner will each own a share of your home; by then setting up Mirror Wills, each leaving their share of the house to a Property Trust or Family Trust, your home will be protected from being seized to pay for care costs.​

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Rob Collison, Owner

"The good news is that setting up a system of Wills and trusts to protect your family home couldn't be easier and can even be conducted in the comfort of your own home.​ An initial consultation with us need take no more than an hour, after which the Wills and trusts you request can be prepared and executed."

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