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Death is inevitable - so why not plan for it!

Check out these 20+ crucial checks to minimise financial trauma!

Death can cause financial tragedies as well as grief. Yet planning for the end isn't about being morbid. It's about making crucial financial preparations to lessen the impact when it happens.

This checklist includes tips on wills, inheritance tax, funerals and setting up a power of attorney, plus how to do the 'unpleasant issues' chat.

  1. Have the unpleasant issues chat

  2. Sort your will

  3. Arrnage who would look after your dependants

  4. Plan early to save on inheritance tax

  5. Take time to ensure your partner, kids, parents or flatmates have the practical skills they need to look after the household

  6. Plan your funeral

  7. Plan ahead in case you loose your faculties

  8. Remember, you can't take cash with you

  9. Get round to doing things and seeing places you've always wanted to visit - aka... a bucket list!

  10. Beware of listing your passwords

  11. Consider saving a life after you're gone

  12. Weigh up whether an over-50s plan is worth it

  13. Consider making a 'living will' - to refuse treatment

  14. Note down how you'd like to be cared for

  15. Ensure pets are provided for

  16. Don't leave life insurance until it's too late

  17. Do debts die with you?

  18. Tell your Next of Kin where your will is kept

  19. Think carefully about releasing the equity in your home

  20. Get extra help and support - If you're planning for the end of life, don't shoulder the worry alone – help is available and you make sure you seek it out.

We hope you found this article helpful!

Newlife Wills team.

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